Frequently Asked Questions

What will happen to my student email address?

In July of the year following your graduation you should have received an email from SOAS IT, warning you that your SOAS Student account will expire at the end of August, and also giving you the option to create an non-expiring Alumni account and migrate all your existing emails/files. If you have not received this email, please contact helpdesk at, and inquire if its still possible to create an alumni email address.  

If your Student account is still active we would recommend you to switch your Student account ( for a new Alumni Account ( You will keep your student number but will have to transfer messages and accounts. Follow this link to find the Portal with the instructions to switch your account.

Please note that once your account is permanently deleted, we are not able to reactivate it.  

​How do I get an alumni Library card?

SOAS alumni are entitled to exclusive discounted membership of the much loved SOAS Library. Reference membership to the library is free, and £60/year for borrowing-rights membership.

To claim your free/discounted Library membership you will need to pop in to our office (SOAS Alumni Office, Room 116, Main College Building) to fill in a form and to have a photo taken. Please bring along some form of ID!

​If you only wish to visit SOAS without using the Library, you will still need to get an alumni card, which is now combined with the Library reference card.

Do I get JSTOR access?

Yes! You can find instructions here.

​Can I use wifi and computers in the library?

Using your alumni number as printed on your alumni card, you can log on to eduroam. You can not get access to the on site computers.

​Can I access the library’s online resources?

You can only get access to the Library's e-journals within SOAS. Unfortunately you can't access them remotely, as you can with JSTOR.

​Can I get a copy of my transcript/degree certificate?

The Registry can provide transcripts for most undergraduate and modularised taught postgraduate programmes.


If you require a detailed record of the courses taken and your results, you should apply for an academic transcript.

Alternatively, you can request a certification letter which can, for example, confirm your current status as a student or the award made to you.


For more information please visit the Registry page here.

​I didn’t actually graduate, am I still an alum?

Yes! You were still part of the SOAS family and we are happy to welcome you into our alumni community.

​I need confirmation that I am an alumnus/alumna for the Language Centre.

Email with your request and we'll confirm with the Language Centre.

​I can’t come into SOAS during office hours to fill out the form? How can I get my alumni library card?

Just drop us an email on and we can arrange an alternative option.

​How do I become a SOAS alumnus/join the alumni network?

You automatically become a member of the SOAS alumni network when you complete your course at SOAS. After your graduation you must update your details with us to ensure the SOAS alumni team can keep in touch with you in your preferred channels (email, post, phone..)

​How do I stay in touch and update my details with the SOAS Alumni team?

It's simple! Just fill out our update form and we'll send you regular updates. You can unsubscribe anytime.

​Why do you need my contact details?

We hope you'll stay in touch with us! We want to let you know about events, benefits and discounts that are available to you as part of the SOAS alumni network.

​Where can I purchase SOAS merchandise?

The Students’ Union sell SOAS merchandise, you purchase this in the SOAS Union Shop (in the Junior Common Room) or on the SU website.

​How do I advertise a job to SOAS alumni and/or students?

Careers and professional development is a core element of the alumni relations programme at SOAS, providing opportunities for both SOAS alumni and current students. If you have a suitable job vacancy, send the details to us at and we'll circulate the post in partnership with the SOAS Careers team.

Your job advert can also be posted on our LinkedIn group and promoted on social media. If you are a member of the group, you are welcome to post jobs online yourself too.

​How do I make a donation to SOAS?

Visit our giving pages to learn how and why you should give to SOAS.

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